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Mesmerized by the light today.  

salem november


Autumn, you are so beautiful.  I'm so glad summer is over.  Bring on the cold crisp, the scent of woodsmoke, the darkness.  This is my season.  

STOP littering!


People of Salem (people everywhere!), STOP littering!  Yesterday, out for my morning run, all I could see was the brilliance of the beautiful blue sky and the flaming red, orange, and yellow trees.  Today what struck me was how much litter I saw.  I just don't get it.  It's so easy NOT to litter. This evening I took my son out for a walk armed with a trash bag and gloves.  I had envisioned going down several streets in my neighborhood picking up litter.  I even pshaw-ed my son when he said we were going to need another trash bag.  We took a big loop, which does go by a school - probably the most littered area, and took the street straight back to our house...because I couldn't stuff anything more into our trash bag.  Ok, so, I know it was just Halloween, and we did pick up a lot of little candy wrappers, but we also picked up a donut box from Winco, multiple disposable coffee cups, a muffin tray from Costco, Styrofoam food containers, etc., well.  It wasn't like there was a big pile anywhere, these were just things here and there that added up to a lot of trash.  Let's have some pride in our neighborhood, our town, our state, and respect for nature and animals, others' spaces, and public spaces we all share....don't litter. 

My husband, son, and I went downtown to run some errands this afternoon and were treated to an impressive display of wind and rain.  I'm absolutely loving the stormy, rainy days.  I can't get enough of the dark, the wind, the rain!  When the sun does come through, though, it's a treat and seems especially beautiful on the autumnal trees against the dark sky.



I recently had the chance to go to Enchanted Forest for the first time. Loved it!

Sunday evening, crisp and golden, at Riverfront Park along the Willamette River in Salem.

One of my neighbors has a row of roses along her front yard, and I always cross the street so I can smell them when I'm on my walk to pick up Thor from school.  Today the lady of the house came out while I was encouraging Thor to smell the different varieties, and she kindly offered that we could cut some anytime we like.  Wasn't that sweet?  Brightened our day. 

dream office


A forest is just about my favorite place to be, so this is my dream office. 

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fall rain


We visited my husband's aunt on her farm Sunday, and I took a walk in the wonderful fall rain.

made by mabel


My grandma Mabel made quilts for all her children and for all of her grandchildren.  She had eleven children, so that adds up to a lot of quilts.  I remember picking out my quilt as a young girl.  It was black with geometric shapes.  Unfortunately, it was destroyed when my parents' house burned down in 1991.  My parents gave me this quilt in 2005.  I love it.  Not only do I love that I have something handmade by my grandma, I love the (now vintage) fabrics she used.  I wish I knew what year she made this quilt.  I also wish I had been of an age that I was interested in learning this art from her, as well as tatting, which she also did beautifully.  Here's to the skills of our grandmas!
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