I don't have much to say right now that hasn't been said about the wildfires, but my heart is with those suffering, and with those fighting the fires and giving aid to those in need.  

We have been mostly staying inside due to hazardous levels of smoke and particulates in the air, but Saturday, desperate to get out of the house, we drove to the coast.  It was good to be in the fog and breathe in the sea air, but just a few miles away the smoke was unbelievably thick.  Rain is in the forecast and it can't come soon enough.  



Niagara, Oregon last weekend.  

We spent so much time in the trees along the Santiam River when we lived here before.  The early years of o notes brim with pictures  from the Santiam State and Willamette National Forests.  Last weekend was the first chance we had to finally get back up there after moving back.  Just a couple of days later came the news that our beloved forests are burning, and we have since seen the horrific pictures of devastation.  My heart goes out to the folks who live there, to the animals who live there, and to the forest itself.    

The sky in Salem, Oregon on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.  No filter, no edit.

It's not just happening here.  Our planet needs us to do better.  This is where I gently remind you to please vote this November.  

Sending out so much love to everyone affected by the fires here on the west coast and around the world. 

by mlekoshi