miller church & cemetery



We drive by this church and cemetery often and I always love stopping to walk around under the amazing trees to read gravestones.  (Here is another.)  We stopped last Saturday and it was the first time I've noticed the church door being open.  It was wonderful to go inside - silence, pale light, feeling alone but not alone, history heavy around me.  Wandering through the cemetery, it's very sad to see entire families buried together - mother, father, and up to six children, age 3 months and on - all having passed around the same time.  What took them?  I found some history about the establishment of the church and cemetery here, but would like to find out more about those buried there. 

forget-me-not friday


On Fridays I will wax nostalgic and post a picture from the past.  For this first week, it's Baby Thor at nine months in his back yard pool (and a lovely molehill), Portland, 2005.  He's always loved pools, streams, rivers, and lakes...just like his Papa.

Have a great weekend.  Make some memories!

and then...



....there were just a few more.  Mt. Tabor Park, Leach Botanical Garden (originally called Sleepy Hollow), then heading out of town.  I still can't believe what a gorgeous sunny day we January!  I'm still loving winter, but it is nice to get some golden sunlight here and there along the way to brighten our spirits and put a spring in our step.



Thor is always wanting to go to Portland and, since we seem to rarely go there just to hang out anymore, we decided to make that our weekend excursion.  We stayed on the east side near where we used to live and went to a few of our old haunts - little shops, our favorite coffee shop on Division, Mt. Tabor Park, Esparza's Tex-Mex, and we showed Thor the hospital where he was born, the botanical gardens where we got married, and drove by our first house.  I won't lie, I was swooning a bit in a wave of Portland nostalgia.  Portland holds so much history for us as a couple and as a little family - it's a special place to us. 

Happy Inauguration Day!  Have a great week.

heart & lungs


The weekend brought us cold weather ~ a frosty icy coat and a blanket of fog that hung low in the bare trees.  It felt like a dream traveling through it.  Silent.  Mysterious dreamy darkness and light.  I can't get enough of it right now.  We drove to Eagle Creek to prune blueberries on my husband's aunt's farm.  There, the clouds gave way to bright skies and we were much loved by the sun.  The fog, the sun and shadows, the chance to work outside, the signs of life already springing up from the earth, our lungs full of invigorating cold air, and the joy of being with a sweet lady ~ glorious.  I hope your weekend brought you a heart full of things you love, too.
by mlekoshi