forget-me-not friday : wombmate


 Sixth birthday.  Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour, Portland, 1973.

Last month was my birthday.  Our birthday.  I am one of the lucky ones in the world who has a twin.  She was my wombmate and is my forever best friend.  The person who laughs at the same things I do (however inappropriate).  The person I can tell anything.  The person who always tells me the truth.  The person who supports me no matter what.  The person I have always looked up to - who was always a little more adventurous than I, a little less shy than I, and a little more level-headed than I.  The person who opens up new worlds to me, who I am always learning from.  The person I love dearly and miss deeply when we are apart.  (The person I will live close to someday!)  

The person who simply understands...whatever it is. 
by mlekoshi