solvitur ambulando


A lot has been going through my mind lately.  A heaviness of the inevitable, and the trickle of memories as I begin to open up to acceptance.  

As ever, walking has been my solace.  I came across the term solvitur ambulando a while back, which translates from Latin as "it is solved by walking."  I believe that if it is not necessarily solved, it is decidedly soothed.  I've committed to getting out of the house first thing in the morning to walk down the hill through the neighborhood as often as I can.  The rhythm of my steps and the fresh, cool morning air filling my lungs and clearing my head is meditative and, honestly, addictive.  My favorite kind of walks, though, are the rambling kind, through nature, without path or direction, as I did in the pictures above, along the banks of the Willamette River.  

I haven't much more to say this time but leave you with some things that caught my eye recently.

slow notes:  

That cool morning air is calling and I must go.  Until next time - 


slow dreams


It has definitely felt like spring the last week or so.  Days of sun interspersed with gentle rain showers have been the norm.  Daffodils grow and glow in yards long muted by the cold of winter.  Windows have been cracked just a little bit wider at night.   

I sat outside for hours today at the rickety wood table on the deck at the front of the house.  The sky was a perfect blue.  The sun warmed my legs as a cool breeze wrapped around my neck and burrowed into my hair.  I read a new book, studied a course I'm taking, and sipped nettle tea made from the young plants I foraged last year.  Later, I turned over dirt in the front beds and planted some heather.   I didn't get to the pansies.  Maybe tomorrow.  Now, a loaf of whole wheat bread is in the oven and beans are soaking for a healthy meal tonight.   I think I'll take a walk, but not until darkness is just about to fall.

slow notes: {A new name for this collection instead of the read/watch/listen I've used for years.  I almost changed o notes to slow notes a few years ago (and I still may do so) to reflect the slow way of living we've been cultivating for many years, but these slow notes are simply quietly lovely or interesting things that have caught my eye, or ear or heart or soul.}

  • Struggling with allergies and reading here about things to          consider, including the helpfulness of local honey.
  • Dreaming of a natural yard and some lovely things that could        replace our lawn. 

Crack your window a little bit more tonight and welcome sweet dreams of spring.  

by mlekoshi