under the spell


Monday evening we threw the bikes and a fishing pole in the back of the truck, packed a little cooler with sandwiches and fruit, and headed back to Minto Brown.  It was warm, wonderful, and so welcome.  As we picnicked we watched osprey fly from their huge nest high above to a tree nearby, watching us and calling to each other.  The air smelled like warm earth and damp grass.  Sticks and twigs snapped and crackled under our feet as we explored trails through the undergrowth.  Puffs of cotton were everywhere - on the paths, wrapped around weeds, and on the surface of the water.  It felt like a whole different day.  Thor stopped and asked, "It wasn't today that I went to school, was it?"  ...and I knew we had truly escaped and traveled to that peaceful place where time seems to stop and all you know is that you are outside, you are together...you are under the spell of nature all around.
by mlekoshi