heart to head


I had a lengthy post written up to post yesterday, on the New Moon, but never got it published.  This morning I feel more like keeping it simple.  

I've been quiet around here and other online places because we have made the big decision to move back to Oregon, Salem this time.  In short, it's simply what is best for our family right now.  It's a decision of great happiness, to be back in the part of the Pacific Northwest that is truly home, with forest, fog, ferns, and sea, but also great sadness, leaving behind my family that lives here and mourning the loss of time spent with them.  I didn't deal very well with the suddenness of things happening alongside the chaos in the world these days, withdrawing from everything until my heart caught up to my head.  In the silence I found acceptance, if not peace.    

Last week we signed on the sale of our little house here and this week we hope to hear a closing date for our soon-to-be home in Oregon.  In between, we took one last trip to the Blue Mountains, tucking wildflowers and hawk songs into our hearts and minds.  

My camera is already packed away, our outdoor adventures here having come to a close for now.  I'll be busy boxing up the few things left unpacked in the next few days, and I won't be posting here again until sometime after we are settled back in Oregon.  Until then ~ xo

by mlekoshi