still & stillness


October 21, 2018 / Blue Mountains, Oregon

Well, it's been a while.  It seems I find myself saying words to that effect almost every time I post.  I simply lost the desire to take pictures and share anything here.  We haven't wavered much from the kind of life we wanted to have and how to get there over the last nine years.  We are still finding magic in a slow life, though life is different now - different location, different ages, different daily rhythms and responsibilities.  So here we are.  The same, and different.

I found a few draft posts full of pictures I never shared, so I thought I would start with these, even though so much time has passed since they were taken.  We have found some beautiful trails in the Umatilla National Forest, less than an hour from our house.  This one had amazing views, and a wild yet gentle stillness.   A wonderful thing.

Until next time ~
by mlekoshi