November 17, 2018 / Oregon

This is probably the most difficult trail we have ever done.  It doesn't really translate in these pictures, but after a certain point it was a pretty steep and rocky trip down with constant switchbacks.  It was really beautiful, but after while all I could think about was how hard it was going to be on the way back up.  And it was.  I felt muscle strain, winded, and just so out of shape, and I vowed to get myself back to daily exercise in the coming months.  

My Dad and I have been going to the Y to exercise during the week and I have started running again.  I never seem to stick with it long term, and I will probably never be a runner of races or overly concerned with my pace, but it does feel good to be back at it.  I am beginning to look forward to warmer mornings when I can just open the front door and go, sunshine on my shoulders.  Always ready for the next season.  
by mlekoshi