Thor begged for a lesson on the surfboard Saturday and with Papa's help got up three times!  Our little surfer.  Unfortunately, I've been fighting something off for about a week and was still not feeling up to much, so I sat on the blanket most of the time and didn't get any pictures of him surfing the waves fantastic.  But what a gorgeous day, what a gorgeous weekend, and what a gorgeous week it looks like it's going to be.  

I have two loads of laundry drying out on the line today, what is going to be the hottest day of the year so far.  I'm watching my nasturtium sprouts on the front porch grow by the hour.  The house is closed up and (fairly) cool.  Thor is eating popsicle after popsicle (it's time to make him some healthy homemade popsicles at this rate of consumption!).  I'm thinking about making some tzatziki potato salad, or maybe a big cold tomato/avocado/olive oil/garlic salad.  But I may just go sit on the front porch, have some iced tea, watch Thor and the neighborhood kids play, and do my work later.  It all sounds good to me.  Ahh, summer.  What's happening in your day?
by mlekoshi