happy harvest


Last night I decided to pull up all the carrots and beets.  Both were planted too close together and my attempts to thin made me anxious about pulling up too many, so, after looking at the tops of several, I just went for it.  There were some very tiny specimens of each, but I was pleasantly surprised at how many good-sized ones there were as well.  I remember my dad pulling up carrots or picking peas and eating them right in the garden, and I found myself brushing off carrot after carrot and having my own little bountiful feast. 

Our tomatoes are coming along slowly.  The plants are still pretty small - I planted them late - but all have some fruit on them.  The corn has done so well!  After a couple of years of trying to grow corn with only minimal success, we are thrilled.  We must have found the right spot in the yard.  We also have three pumpkins growing on a vine that is looking more bedragled by the day but keeps on growing and producing blossoms.  This was a nice surprise, growing from a rogue seed from a Halloween pumpkin last year that was left in the garden box.  

Everything is looking to be a bit on the decline.  All the herbs have flowered out and died off a bit.  The bright orange poppies are still blooming, albeit with smaller flowers, and the "greens" are a dead-looking tangled mass.  Pulling things up has made space for some new things - I'm not sure what to plant right now but will probably at least start some kale.  My lettuce has not done well at all, so I will probably give up on that for this year. We are very lucky to have some wild blackberries growing over the hedge in our back yard, and they are just now starting to ripen.  We usually get several bagfuls for the freezer and plenty to eat right off the vine as well.   

The slightly cooler temperatures this week so far have been so nice.  I'm getting the first twinges of longing for fall, my favorite time of year, but I'm not quite ready for summer to end just yet.  I'm looking forward to many more warm outdoor adventures and, very importantly, many fresh garden tomato & cheese sandwiches!  As much as I love everything we grow, it's really all about the tomatoes....
by mlekoshi