frida & other earthly matters


I have loads of pictures to go through from hikes and other outings, but here's a few phone snaps from last weekend's trip to see the Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism exhibit (and a few other collections) at Portland Art Museum.  My heart swelled with love for Portland as we drove through downtown, and going to the museum and seeing Frida's art and costumes in person made for a perfect day.   

I first went vegan 12 years ago with my sister and have been off and on with it in the years since.  I was raised vegetarian and have been *mostly* so my whole life, but I have had meat or fish on rare occasion in between.  However, with my cancer diagnosis, and as other earthly matters have been weighing more heavily, the idea of going vegan again has grown again in my heart until, after a few false starts, I finally recommitted.  I'm not going to be super strict if I'm visiting my family; I'm just going to do my best in the moment.  (I've also given up alcohol.  What can I say, I'm all or nothing.)  I'm not here to be pious, or judgmental, or to say that you should do it too.  I just really want to do this for my health, for the earth, and for the animals.  


I don't have much else to say right now.  I'm looking forward to seeing my mom, dad, twin sister, and brother this coming weekend.  Mom isn't doing well and we are going to surprise her with a visit at her new facility.  I hope it lifts her spirits.  She needs all the love we can give her right now. 

Until next time ~

by mlekoshi