a quick catch-up


Hello.  I've been trying to write this post for a few weeks now but just never made the time to finish it.  I wanted it to be more eloquent and thoughtful, but my time is limited at the moment so forgive me this quickly-written note. 

Monday morning I drove through the Columbia River Gorge in 116-degree heat to my parents' house in eastern Washington.  My mom has been in the hospital or a rehabilitation facility for a couple of months now after having some issues (breaking her back among them), and my dad has decided to sell their house and move into an assisted living situation.  While I think this will be good for them, it's hard.  The last two days we've worked on dismantling their home, life as they have known it.  

In May with routine testing I received a diagnosis no one ever wants to get.  After CT, ultrasounds, and three biopsies with three different doctors, things are looking better than I could have hoped for in the beginning.  I have one more scan later this week, and then I hope to hear a firm plan of treatment.

In better news, late spring/the start of summer has been absolutely gorgeous.  Flowers everywhere.  We've made friends with a squirrel that likes to come up onto our front deck every day.  A couple of crows caw at my bedroom window in the morning and walk the front yard when I'm out watering.  A young woodpecker loves the gum tree in our front yard.  The Towhee that used to fling himself against the kitchen window has a family that lives in the camellia out back.  Every now and then I see or hear a raccoon along the back fence perimeter.  I love making these connections with the creatures that share our space/the world.    

I'm keeping this short today as a quick catch-up, but I hope to be back here soon, and next time I'll have some slow notes for you.  

I leave you with the song that has kept me going these last several weeks.  I've listened to it countless times and it never fails to soothe my anxious heart.  The Water, sung by Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling

"...the water sustains me without even trying..."

x - Lori

by mlekoshi