Lately, my heart has been full ~ of love, of happiness, of sorrow, and of anticipation for the coming season.  My mother's 80th birthday was celebrated last weekend in Walla Walla with a constellation of family members.  Much happiness, some sadness, but always thankfulness for this time together.  I love my family so much.  Sometimes that makes your heart break and sometimes it makes it soar.  And it's a reminder that your family, no matter how close or distant you think you are, or how much or little they may know about your life, is always there for you, always loving you, only wanting the best for you, always ready to do anything for you.  

Our boy started third grade yesterday.  I'm happy for him to be getting back into the swing of school and am looking forward to the new things this year brings.  I can hardly believe he is a third grader.  He was just going into preschool when we moved here.  Time is flying by too quickly.

I'm feeling fall intensely and am so ready to nest, to bake, to read, to be cozy...for a change in atmosphere and activities.  Yesterday I went to the library and picked up a book on hold and two audiobooks I thought I'd give a try, though I'm not sure audiobooks are for me.  I'm going to try to use my Kindle more and have downloaded a bunch of classics (they are free and I am frugal).  I'm working on the Jane Austen collection right now, but there are so many more I have not read.  

Speaking of fall, I made my mom's soup recipe last night, a zucchini/onion/carrot/cream cheese soup, which I mistakenly made as a sour cream soup, but it was still delicious.  Thor liked it, so I consider it a success!  

Any suggestions for movies or books?  I've almost finished Lost on Netflix (it's become so ridiculous at the end, I'm not sure I can finish it).  I would love some ideas if anyone out there has any.  

Have you seen this?  We loved it:  Castaway on the Moon.
This, too:  I Am.

Happy almost fall, all. 
by mlekoshi