phlox & moon


Just a quick note today.  This morning I made friends with a crow and noticed that the old apple tree out back is blossoming - happy, hopeful things after a night of little sleep.  I've been feeling the pull of the moon and have sown more seeds - more chamomile, some California poppy, red clover, and a native wildflower mix.  A full moon supper will be had this evening in honor of the Full Phlox Moon.  It won't be a grand spread, but just enough, simple and earthy, with freshly-baked homemade bread, spring greens, and small gold potatoes.  After the moon is up, stones will be placed throughout the garden and seedlings left on the patio for their full moon bath.  Last year's Phlox Moon gave me so much hope, and this year I'm feeling that hope more than ever.  Are you?

slow notes: 

I'll be moongazing later, but for now, the clouds are clearing and the river is calling.  Until next time ~

by mlekoshi