Random sharing of a more personal nature than usual:  Some days I feel a vague sadness and I don't know why.  This has happened as long as I can remember.  It is not debilitating, it is not overwhelming, and it is only occasionally there.  When I was little, it felt like an uncertainty of the unknown or anticipation of what the future holds, not for me specifically, but for the world in general.  Perhaps now it's over-internalization of what I hear and see too much of.  {How, in this world so "advanced" in some ways from even a few decades ago, have we become so uncivilized and uncaring?}  Perhaps it's over-sensitivity, absorbing what I feel from others out there.  Perhaps it's an inborn saudade in my Portuguese blood.  Perhaps it is simply something we all feel to some degree that affects some of us much more than others.  I don't know.  But now, mostly, it feels like melancholic reverberations from another lifetime that I can't quite remember, echo waves coming through a doorway of the past that bounce off of me intermittently, eternally.    

{Pretty pictures for balance.  A return to regular positive programming in the next post.}
by mlekoshi