forest & fog & river & rain


I am admittedly excited for spring this year, being back here and all that goes along with it, but I find I am also wanting to hold on to our cold, foggy, rainy-day adventures for a bit longer.  The dark season always feels like home, when I feel a connection to things seen and unseen the strongest, but this year spring is going to be brand new again and I can't wait.

Sunday morning we went to Oxbow Park for a hike in the rain.  The boys ran and chased each other down the trail, occasionally stopping to look at animal tracks or to note the difference between cedar bark and Douglas fir bark.  Out by the river, birds sang and swooped overhead.  I wished I had my binoculars; I've started filling in our bird guide with dates and locations.  Tangles of branches and brush and logs littered the shore.  These kinds of compositions/compilations have always fascinated me.  They had all so perfectly imperfectly come together.  Back in the woods, we looked for licorice fern and saw one little trillium.  Tiny bright green things were sprouting trailside and on tree tips. The subdued winter colors are starting to give way to vivid signs of spring.  Soon we reached the end of the trail and the boy had begun asking when we could go home, so we headed back to the land of technology and end-of-weekend chores, grateful for a magical morning spent with forest & fog & river & rain. 
by mlekoshi