finding magic in a slow life


For several years the introduction line for this blog has been "finding magic in a slow life..." "Slow" bleeds into so many areas of life.  For us, slow life is simply that ~ slowing down, consuming less, seeking quality in simplicity, focusing on experiences instead of things.  I've talked about this here before (this post, for one), but it's something I've been thinking about so much again lately with our move (of all our things) this summer, with regard to consumption and all that goes along with it, and in relation to time spent outside together, whether gardening, working on the house, hiking, simply playing, etcetera.  I have more to say about it sometime, but for now I tell you that Sunday we took a trail off the Clackamas River, then a trail off that trail, listened to woodpeckers, looked for mushrooms, walked through a creek, basked in the dappled fall sunlight, and basically just reveled in the moment.  Days like this always reset us somehow.  I came home renewed - isn't it wonderful how a day spent outdoors makes you feel that way? - determined to be more mindful of things that make a slow life magical. 
by mlekoshi