goodbye / hello


Happy new year!  I hope your holidays left you feeling love and ready to face the year ahead.  

The past year brought us to a place of contentment and belonging.  To home.  I don't think I've ever felt so happy to be where I am and so content with the present.  Of course, this does not mean everything is picture perfect.  There are always daily challenges, things to work toward, and things to learn and grow from, but any complaints I have pale next to those of many in this world.  I am ever mindful of my good fortune to have my two wonderful boys in my life, a loving family, good health, a warm safe place to lay my head at night, a little space to plant and grow things, and a wild wonderland of sea and trees nearby.   To me, this is wealth beyond measure and I'm so grateful for every little bit of it. 

I succeeded at some of last year's thoughts for the new year and failed at others.  One constant in our family life has been getting outside together.  With the majority of our time spent either at home, at work, or at school, these weekend outings are not only treasured family times but a chance to explore this amazing natural world around us.  Weekend last, we went to the coast and found a beach that was almost deserted.  It was late afternoon and the sky had a few breaks in it from which a very pale sun shone ever so briefly.  Our time there together felt like one last holiday gift.  A beautiful and perfect end to the holidays / start of the new year.   A goodbye and a hello at once.  

Here's to 2015, new adventures and new endeavors!  Wishing you the best year yet.  
by mlekoshi