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I've been trying to write this post for weeks now but have felt, just, quiet lately.  These pictures are from almost a month ago now, on a day where we were able to sneak away to the coast for a few hours.  I've always been a little jealous of people who have a clearly defined heritage.  I grew up (adopted) knowing that I had some Portuguese on my maternal side but nothing about my paternal side.  I felt/feel a strong affinity for certain countries and their cultures, but mostly I feel like a child of the Pacific Northwest.  The forests and coastlines of Oregon and Washington are in my bones.  The golden hills and sparkling streams of Northern California where I spent two years as a child forever hold a place in my heart.  I can't imagine being away from this part of the world for long.  

I started an online challenge of walking 175 miles in early April and finished yesterday.  I'd been walking pretty regularly before that, but I love a goal and my daily miles increased every week.  I am thinking about setting some walking goals combined with observational learning for each season, starting with what's left of spring.  Beyond that, getting my miles in has led to walking places I wouldn't  normally, like the grocery store and the library - basically anywhere I can reasonably get to on foot - and it has been a game-changer!  I'd like to make going on errands by foot a new normal.  I love the exercise and how it makes me feel at the end of the day, I love how it keeps my car off the road when it's not necessary, and I love exploring my neighborhood/town and seeing all the things I never noticed from the car.  

Another positive change in my life is that today I've been alcohol-free for 46 days.  I feel so good without it, I don't know if I'll ever go back.  

There are always things going on behind our curtains of self-preservation, beyond the self we show to others.  And there are things going on in the world that are not only discouraging but frightening and horrific.  I'm aware of the absurdity in thinking anyone cares about my walking/eating/drinking habits.  But, with feeling good about these things comes the wish for others, for you, to also feel some happiness and a sense of well-being, in whatever form that takes, whether it is through lifestyle changes, artistic endeavors, or things on a more global scale.  When we feel better (about at least some part of our lives, despite what is going on behind the curtain) we can nurture not only ourselves, but nurture each other and the world better.   So,  why not try something new today that you know will make you feel better?  


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