space & spring dreams


These pictures are from a magical hike about four weeks ago.  This was one of the more beautiful hikes we've done.  I found it in a book of day hikes on the Oregon Coast that my niece gave me, and I'm so glad we decided to check this one out.  The logging road there was long and a bit rough, but nothing we couldn't get through.  The suspension bridge gave me pause - I have nightmares about heights like that - but the views were breathtaking and I can't wait to go back and see what it's like in another season. 

I've been off Instagram for just over a month now.  I love it as a place of inspiration, with some truly good people that I admire and learn from, but space and separation has felt good.  It seems like a lot of individuality has been lost there, and I'm feeling weary of what others are doing and more interested in where my intuition will take me without all those voices.  I can't really say I'm off social media as I'm still on Goodreads and have rekindled a long-lost interest in Pinterest lately, if you consider those such.  They feel more like solitary, quiet distractions right now.  

As I write, rain has begun to splash against the window, and Pip is at my side as I watch little birds peck around on the deck just outside.  We're expecting some wintry weather in our area over the next few days.  We are slightly south of where the worst ("worst") of it is supposed to happen, but I am hoping for at least a little bit of snow.  My husband has split wood and stacked it inside next to the fireplace, I did a quick run for provisions this morning (tofu and red wine - what can I say), and I'm about to finish this book and start another.  So, whatever happens weather-wise, the weekend is looking good.  

One last bit of winter weather is more than welcome, but I'm starting to get some distant twinges of a longing for spring.  A few days ago I finally raked out the beds and found daffodils and snowdrops coming up underneath piles of sopping leaves.  There's a lot of mud happening all around right now, and I can't help dreaming of planting a garden.  We've had a lot of ideas about this yard that's new to us, but basically I just want a wild, rambling cottage-style garden with lots of edible and medicinal plants and flowers.  And tomatoes.  Always tomatoes.  (Also in my dreams, I'd love to find a nook to build a rustic little sauna.)

Wishing you a safe and cozy weekend.  Do some dreaming.   

by mlekoshi