impermanence & eternity


Clackamas River wanderings, late January.

Changes.  Cycles.  Beginnings.  Endings.  Death.  Rebirth.  Impermanence.  Eternity.  These things have been on my mind the last few weeks. 

Perhaps it is silly to still love the artist you fell in love with when you were 15, and to feel so heartbroken at his death, but David Bowie went from being the most beautiful and fascinating creature I'd ever seen or heard back then, to being just dear to me after all these years...utterly belovedHe opened doors with a million little paths to explore beyondHis voice, so familiar to me for so long in all its intonations, feels like a part of my physical makeup, hardwired in, like home, always meant to be there.  Always there.  His song goes on forever.

The next day my maternal grandmother died of cancer.  I had the privilege of knowing her and having her in my life for the last 13 years, and I am grateful for every one of those.  I'm so glad my son was able to know her and will always remember her.  My thoughts here turn to the many, many branches of my family tree, and out of respect for those closest to her, I shall keep them private and in my heart.  Remembering you with much love, Ona Love.

How quickly time slips away.  How fast life goes by.  How impermanent and yet eternal it all seems.  Through it all, love lives on.
by mlekoshi