Another stop Sunday on our drive along the Clackamas River.  An old favorite spot.  The water is that gorgeous color that rivers around here are blessed with, and the long simple form of the wood boat ramp & staircase is such a thing of beauty.  A grand entrance into the grand blue and green theater.

We spread our blanket on the rocks by the water and were all drawn in different directions.  My husband hopped rocks across and back over the shallow creek that meets the river at the bend, Thor started collecting flat rocks in his quest to master the skip, and I started taking pictures and picking a wildflower posy.  We saw several snakes and lizards when exploring upstream, and the boys, amazingly, found three snake skins that we brought home for our nature table.  

I think about the boy, how many times we brought him here when he was little (last photo).  How he used to stomp around in the creek in his cut-off jeans and toddler sandals, blonde hair glowing in the sunlight, delighted laughter with every splash he made, every rock he was able to stand on, every insect he found.  I watch him now.  So independent, so creative, so stubborn, so beautiful.  My heart, it almost bursts, I love him so.  I love that we three are once again here together, new memories in the making. 

But, even long summer days end, so home we went, our lungs full of fresh forest air, our eyes sparkling with river reflections.
by mlekoshi