Summer is almost here.  Next week is Thor's last week of school.  The Salem chapter of our lives is drawing to a close.  It's going to be a slow process that we will take our time with, but soon we will start making our way to Portland.  My mind is a-whir with all we have to do in the coming weeks (months?), not to mention what it will feel like to be back in our hometown, in our old house, six years after leaving.  It will be different in some ways; we will view it in the context of having a nine-year-old now instead of the toddler we had when we left, and I'm excited about the new opportunities for adventure, learning, and discovery for him there.  We are slowly tucking our Salem memories into our hearts, so grateful for our time here.  There's so much we will miss here, for sure.  But the world keeps on turning and we're ready for what the next revolution brings.  Onward!
by mlekoshi