With our upcoming move this summer, I find myself wanting to reach out and grab the places we love here so much by my fingertips and somehow pull them along with us.  Change, even if it's good change and change that I want, has always been hard for me.  I get very attached to certain things, both tangible and abstract. 

This is one of those places that has found its way into our hearts, one of our favorite places to stop and spend time along the Santiam.  Niagara.  The deep teal of the river and the various greens of the trees that line it, the dark rocks covered with otherworldly moss, the wildflowers now in bloom, and even the pouring rain - the sound of it on the trees, the feeling of it on my skin ... they are all like nourishment, and I can only sit in appreciative silence for a while as I drink it all in.

{Sometimes a stop along the road is not just a stop to take in the view, but an experience for your heart and soul and all your senses, if you open yourself to it.}  

Soon we will be exploring our old favorite forest trails and beaches closer to Portland, and we are excited about that, even if it means leaving these loved (and not too far away) places behind.  I can't wait to be out in that wild with my boys forging new trails and making new discoveries.  My heart has plenty of room.
by mlekoshi