I've really been feeling the need to be out amongst the trees.  Just as the ocean pulls, so do the trees.  I was on my way to the library this morning when I realized it was too early to be open,  so I stopped at the park for a walk through the trees under a sky that is now grey.  It was magical, a little bit wild, and was just what my soul needed. 


Amber said...

Oh wow! What park is this? I love it!

Lori said...

Bush's Pasture Park. I'd never been in this area before (we always seem to go around the gardens) and it's so pretty! I drove down Mission, turned into the first parking lot on the left past Deepwood, and walked to the left toward the creek. When I was walking back I went up a little hill and to the left. That's clear, right? :)

by mlekoshi