dig in


Monday.  How I loved Monday.  The sun was bright and warm all day, and I spent the entire day working in the yard.  Bliss. 

Our little strip of soil outside the patio door where we planted corn, potatoes, and carrots last year was rife with weeds and big grass clumps.  Over the winter we used the strip as a compost pile of sorts, tossing food scraps on it and occasionally working the dirt, and now we have so many worms.  With each weed pulled, I carefully went through the dirt attached and rescued any little worms I could find.  It was heaven - the sun on my back, my hands in the dirt. 

The strawberry plants are just starting to blossom, and some potatoes I inadvertently left in the ground have sprouted little plants.  The blackberry bushes that hang over the back hedge are unfurling new bright green leaves.  The bleeding hearts that weep over Sophie's stone are in bloom.  The greens of the California poppies that give us joy all summer and into fall are up.  The sage, thyme, mint, and oregano are all coming back to life.  

Our beloved rosemary bushes, however, appear to be dying.  Select arms are completely brown and I don't know why.   I see no pests but don't know what else it could be.   They're about six years old and have always been healthy.   I sprayed them good with the hose yesterday and cut out all the bad arms.  I'm hoping they rebound.   (Does anyone have experience with or advice about this?)

It was warm enough to have the first evening supper on the patio - pasta with bits of roasted sweet potato, goat cheese, and sage - so good.  It was also warm enough to have the first laundry line-dry of the year.  I love the simple act of hanging things on the line, and I love the way they smell when I take them down. 

There's so much more to be done and I can't wait to dig in.  The glorious sun is back today... I'm reaching for my hat and have one foot already out the door. 


  1. It was just absolute bliss wasn't it??? I don't think you did anything to the rosemary, mine died too. I pulled it and it was dead all the way down. I believe it was the prolonged cold we had this winter. I planted a new little one (found an inexpensive organic start at Lowe's), I'll be harvesting from it in no time, they take off so quickly. My parsley loved the cold and looks gorgeous! Let me know if you ever want to come sip sun tea in my yard, we can chat garden dreams (right now: hardy kiwi, peaches... Maybe olives!!?).

  2. Amber, I would love that :) I think you are going to Cali soon? - so let me know when it would work well for you. Kiwi, peaches, and olives - Oh YES.

    I'm sorry about your rosemary, too! We wondered if it was from all the rain and cold we had this winter. I'll have to look at Lowe's to see if I can find a little start like yours. Must. have. rosemary! I pulled up our parsley last fall, now I wish I hadn't!


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