This time of year at the coast the cold air feels so fresh, the light so clean.  Saturday we played a while at Fogarty Creek State Park.  This is one of the more dramatic little beaches along our usual stretch of coastline; we really should stop here more often.  Though the sun only made a brief appearance, the boys still found it warm enough to roll their pants up and get their feet in the ocean.  Shivering under three layers and a scarf, I stuck to beachcombing.

One of my favorite things about this beach is the sand.  It is not the fine sand found on most beaches around here, but a slightly darker and rather coarse sand, the kind you want to keep putting your hands into, like Amélie with bag of seeds.  I am also completely captivated by the many tangles of beach debris lying everywhere.  Little swirls of grass, shells, seaweed and such.  I spent some time slowly picking through several of them (and creating a few tiny arrangements for others to find), each one like a little gift of many layers to open.  

Have a great week!
by mlekoshi