canada : butchart gardens


We spent last week in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with my parents for a much anticipated family vacation!  The trip up was long (freeway closure in Portland due to Bridge Pedal and very slow stop-and-go traffic in Seattle) and we just barely made our ferry up in Tsawwassen ~ but we did, finally met up with my mom and dad, and it was smooth sailing from there to Victoria.  On our first full day we went to Butchart Gardens.  I hadn't been there for 20-some years and was really excited to see it again.  We toured almost the whole place, had some of the best soft ice cream we've ever had, and did a little souvenir shopping before taking the bus back to our hotel.  A great first day! 


Erin said...

I haven't been to the Gardens for quite some time...but I am now in Salem! I am loving this city, and getting involved in a lot of things. I missed you blog for a while when my husband had to reconfigure my laptop. I'm glad I got it back on my feed again! Keep those pictures coming.

Lori said...

Thank you, Erin - that's so nice to hear and I really appreciate it! I'm glad you're here and loving it ~ adventures await! :)

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