summer saudade



Sunday we stopped by the farm to say hello to my husband's aunt on our way to the Clackamas River.  She needed some help with a few things and also seemed to need some company, so we decided we'd rather stay there with her most of the day.  She opened the pool for Thor and he spent almost the entire time swimming.  I sat with her under the trees in the shade and we talked while we watched Thor.  My husband worked on fixing some things and cutting down some tall grass before eventually going for a swim, too.  It was hot - hotter than it usually gets around here - and it turned out to be one of those perfect summer days, spent with family in the beautiful countryside.

Walking around the barn, the smell of the dry grass and the sounds of the insects took me right back to childhood.  We had an acre pasture behind our house where my dad built a pole barn and two chicken houses.  He'd get us up every morning before light to go feed the animals and gather eggs (we had a horse, occasionally a couple of cows, and lots of chickens).  We'd do the ritual again at night, but during the day the pasture, barn, and surrounding woods were the best summer playgrounds.  It was pretty undeveloped around there at that time and I remember loving the tall dry grass and the woods we could get lost in.  Oh for one more summer day there.  ♥
by mlekoshi