stop : look around


Our outing Saturday was to check out Breitenbush Hot Springs.  We've wanted to check it out for a long time.  It's completely off-grid, offers healing arts sessions and well-being classes, natural soaking pools, organic vegetarian food, hiking on trails through the "ancient forest", and small rustic cabins to stay in, among other things.  I love everything about this place and look forward to spending some time here

Heading back toward Detroit Lake, we pulled over to the side of the road a couple of times to look around.  Most of these pictures are from one of those stops.  We've checked out places on the side of the road going to Breitenbush before, but never the two amazing places we stumbled into Saturday.  (Post on the other dreamy stop later this week.)  

Exposed tree roots beautifully woven together, smooth gray and red and blue rocks with all kinds of insects underneath that tickled Thor, otherworldly lichens and bright green mosses, rich brown glistening rain-soaked fallen trees, and the sounds of the river and wind and birds in the trees made this a place and a day to remember.  Exploring this way is always, always rewarding.  I'm so glad we take the time to stop and look around.  There is without fail something down the path worth discovering.
by mlekoshi