The days are usually dark now.  I kind of like the moodiness.  Such paleness with such dark contrast.  I love winter trees, their bare branches against the gray sky.  The softness of the light in different rooms of the house.  The ever present drops of water along the eaves.  

I've done a little baking, which always seems like the thing to do on a dark evening.  I woman I follow on Instagram mentioned a Laura Ingalls Wilder book I've never read, and while looking for it at the library I came across a LIW "Country Cookbook", a compilation put together of some things she was apparently known to make.  Her whole wheat bread made with so good.  So simple, so quick, so delicious.  My husband has eaten most of it and is asking for more.  

Winter break sadly ended for T yesterday.  So nice it was to have him around ~ quietly making piano bench/blanket/pillow forts, snuggling with me in the mornings, meeting Papa for a dinner out, visiting the farm, river walking, going to the library.  I always so look forward to vacation days when he's home from school.  Sometimes I wish he could forever be home, but my little bird is learning to fly and I want to see him soar. 
by mlekoshi