willamette mission


Thursday evening it was so nice out we decided to go to Willamette Mission State Park, a short drive from Salem.  We'd been there once before, but it was in the winter and we didn't look around much at that time.  It looks like there's lots of trails for biking, hiking, and even horseback riding.  The place has an interesting feel, I'm interested in reading up on its history beyond what's on the State Parks page.  Thor was thrilled to see a huge nest with a Bald Eagle in it (we were all pretty thrilled, actually).  We took Wheatland Road back, and wow, it's beautiful out there.  Lots of farms with bright green sprouting crops, cute little old houses, and even several fields of hops.  We ended the day with a rooftop (and had it to ourselves!) dinner downtown.  It finally feels like summer is coming!
by mlekoshi