We'd hoped to spend a few days at Kah-Nee-Ta to celebrate both school being out and Father's Day, but I wasn't able to get Friday off work so we settled on going for the day Saturday.  We got on the road early since it's about a 3-hour drive (always gorgeous going over Mt. Hood).  The pool was packed but we found a sliver of concrete to lay our towels on, and Husband and I took turns with Thor in the pool.  We were sure he was going to be tall enough for the big water slide this year, but he was just a tad under the line, a little disappointing for him, but he had a blast anyway.  He was definitely the kookiest wild child goofball going down the kiddie slide!  We stayed at the pool a couple of hours, then walked around a bit before heading up to the Lodge for lunch.  I love the Lodge.  It sits up on a hill and the restaurant has huge windows with amazing views.  It's a really nice place to relax after the pool area chaos.  

Husband and I both have lots of memories of staying at Kah-Nee-Ta when we were little - he with his family in the teepees, and I with my family in our camper.  Now our boy is making memories there, too.  It felt great to feel the heat of the sun and the wind in our hair.  It was just what we needed that day. 

We stopped at the Frog Lake Campground on the way home and walked a trail down to the lake.  It was gorgeous, we're going to have to go back sometime to hike around some more.  So many beautiful places to see here in Oregon...endless side roads to take.
by mlekoshi