Just a few pictures from the weekend.  

It turned out to be pretty nice weather-wise, perfect for walking around the farmers' market, where we picked up some beets, cilantro, and kale.  Thor's geography and map obsession was further fueled by his fantastic vintage globe find..

Saturday night I took Thor to see a kids' ballet production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Historic Elsinore Theatre.  The place was packed but I don't think there's a bad seat there, a very good thing since we were in the 3rd row from the back.  I was so excited to do this and had such high hopes he would love it.  He did, kind of.  He was transfixed for the first half and thrilled to see the different dancers/costumes coming out on the stage - "Mama, did you see that?!"  Second half, he got a little sleepy, asked how much longer, pulled his hood up and then fell asleep. It's a start...

I planted some more herbs and plants in the back, repotted some flowers, and came to terms with the fact that my hanging porch plant is dying.  Thor climbed a tree out front and got stuck, but his wailing brought forth neighbors from up and down the street to help get him down.  Lots of neighbor kids came over and there were water guns, bike rides, scooters racing, and tummies full of pizza.  A great couple of days.  I even got some new All Stars.  

I hope your weekend was good, too :)
by mlekoshi