Fridays are turning into special days for us.  Husband and I are going to pick up Thor from school together and from there going straight out to do something fun together as a family.  Kind of an immediate celebration of the week's end, and to hopefully celebrate a week of good behavior at school from the mischievous Thor.  We usually go out to dinner somewhere Friday evening, but just getting out and about in our town for a little while beforehand is really fun.  

Last Friday we simply headed down to Riverfront Park.  We rode the carousel, took a walk along the river, and then T played on the playground for a spell.  For dinner we tried a new place (to us),  Macedonia.  Husband tried the Greek coffee, which I didn't care for, but it came in such a cute little cup.  (Any Salem restaurant recommendations?  We need to find some new places!)

I now love Fridays almost as much as Saturdays and feel like we've gained another day of fun together just by making it a priority to do this.  Everything else can wait :)
by mlekoshi