Ever since I can remember, my parents have done yearly canning of applesauce.  We had a single apple tree in our yard growing up that gave an incredible amount of apples each year.  It was the best applesauce you can imagine.  Perfection.  

It's been many years since I lived at home and helped in any way with it, so this year I wanted to spend the weekend with my parents when they canned it and get a refresher course, and also bring home some for my own immediate family.  

I heard my dad get up at 6, so I slowly and very sleepily made my way out to the kitchen, where he had everything set up the night before so we were ready to go first thing.  He cored and quartered the apples and I sliced them.  We got into a routine of doing that, then he cooked the apples and I ran them through the mill to get the sauce out.  When my mom joined us, she got the applesauce into the jars and ready for canning.  I was only able to spend about 7 hours helping as I had to get on the road home, a 5-hour drive.  

My parents kept at it and, after doing some for me, for my other sister, and for themselves, helped my older sister, who lives there and came to help as well, can an additional 70+ quarts, finishing up late Sunday night.  Wow.  My parents are approaching 80 and they still can (and freeze) some fruits and vegetables every year, not only for themselves, but for their children and grandchildren that want it.  A wonderful labor of love.
by mlekoshi