I stumbled across a place that is one of those finds I dream of.  It looked like a crumbling, very run-down old place from the outside, like nothing that could be an actual business.  There was a row of old chairs sitting out front, which instantly caught my eye, and then the "open" sign...  The first room was small and hazy with cigarette smoke.  There was so much stuff crammed in there you could hardly walk through all of it.  But of course I did, because this is exactly the kind of place you just know there is treasure to be found.  I wish I'd had my camera but all I had was my phone to take pictures with so I didn't take many.  The man running the place told me there were two more big rooms in the back.  There were actually three and they were each enormous, like warehouses.  Stuff piled on top of stuff.  

I had a moment of feeling like I was in Charles Foster Kane's Xanadu, in that one scene in Citizen Kane where they show his vast storehouse of things. Except my Xanadu was dirty and stinky. I can't wait to go back.
by mlekoshi