sun dried


Yesterday was the first chance I had to try out my new clothesline.  My mom always hung our clothes and sheets out to dry whenever possible, and I've been wanting to do the same.  Once you sleep on sheets that have been freshly dried outside, you won't want to go back, I promise you.  With limited space in my back yard, I thought a retractable clothesline that went from post to post on my patio would work well, and it worked great and held much more than I thought it would.  Everything dried amazingly fast with the breeze, even though it was only about 55 degrees.  It made doing the laundry actually fun, and it felt good to not run my dryer unnecessarily for several hours at a time with multiple loads.  Just another thing a lot of our mothers and grandmothers (and on down the line) all did that is efficient, economical, and fun for us to do now!
by mlekoshi