made by mabel


My grandma Mabel made quilts for all her children and for all of her grandchildren.  She had eleven children, so that adds up to a lot of quilts.  I remember picking out my quilt as a young girl.  It was black with geometric shapes.  Unfortunately, it was destroyed when my parents' house burned down in 1991.  My parents gave me this quilt in 2005.  I love it.  Not only do I love that I have something handmade by my grandma, I love the (now vintage) fabrics she used.  I wish I knew what year she made this quilt.  I also wish I had been of an age that I was interested in learning this art from her, as well as tatting, which she also did beautifully.  Here's to the skills of our grandmas!


  1. Your cousin Carol is the only "tatter" among the grandchildren. I wish I had learned that art also. Grandma did make beautiful quilts and they were all by hand. Glad you enjoy this one so very much...Love, Mom


by mlekoshi