changes are coming.  i've always loved and dreaded change at the same time, or at least change within change, which probably only makes sense to me.  we've been in idaho four and a half months now.  when we arrived, we thought this would be a put-down-roots permanent change, but very quickly that comforting, solid idea began to fade.  one week after getting here we learned it may not be permanent.  i quit unpacking at that point and never did unpack any more.  it was a soap opera getting here, and shortly after we got here we felt we were in exactly the same state of limbo we'd been in for what seemed like forever.  we decided to enjoy our new state and not worry about where we may be in a year.'s hard not to think about.  we have missed our home state  more and more as time has passed.  and how long do we want to wonder about the future?  so.  the husband is thinking options, of which he has been presented a few.  one option in particular has risen to the top.  will it happen?  will our lives change again in less than a month?

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