october & november / a catch-up note


Another one (without text) from my draft folder, dated 11/12/2020.  

I've never been one to get into the scary/gory side of Halloween, but I adore a magical, seasonal approach, celebrating Samhain instead.  October 31st we had our first outdoor fire here in the fire pit my husband made, and afterward we walked through the neighborhood by the light of my lantern.  I had been wanting to do that for years and it turns out that this is just the perfect place to do it.  I won't save it for Samhain only, it's too lovely not to do all year.

We've had many beach trips, taken long walks through favorite parks, and have driven to see what the fire damage is like up along the Santiam River.  It's becoming that time of year when beach visits will be more stormy in nature, which is more to my liking, and I'm sure we will go often as my husband would go every other day if he could.  We visited the Mt. Angel Abbey and vowed to go back another time to walk the Stations of the Cross.  I made apple cake, roasted pumpkin seeds, and infused medicinal flowers.  

We stayed home on Thanksgiving and had one guest, one of my husband's sisters.  We set up a table in the living room next to the fireplace for dinner, which was kind of magical.  I Zoom-ed with multiple members of my family at once earlier in the day and that was really nice because I saw folks I don't see or talk to very often.  It was a strange Thanksgiving in this year of the pandemic, but a memorable and heartfelt one.   I hope yours held some hope and happiness, too.  

by mlekoshi