We went to beautiful Arcadia Beach on Saturday.  We used to do the occasional walk there back in the day, but it was never a great surf spot for my husband and we'd almost always go to Ecola instead.  Ecola is so dear to our hearts, but it has become so crowded in the six years we were away.  There were always people, but we never had to wait in line just to get into the park, with no parking guaranteed.  This has us looking for less populated beaches, and Arcadia is really so perfect, but we're hoping to find more.  

There were hundreds of beautiful blue jellyfish called Velella velella - dying or dead, sadly - that had washed up on the beach.  I had never seen these before and they were stunning.  Read more about them here.  Interesting little creatures.  

While after the dark winter I am ready for a little warmth and lingering sunny evenings barefoot in the garden, one can't deny that this piece of the Northwest we are so lucky to call home is definitely most beautiful under moody skies with mist in the trees and glistening green everywhere you look.  I've been feeling a little off kilter for a while now, with travels keeping my little family apart, sickness in the house, and simply feeling blah.  But there's something about the Oregon coast that seems to center all of us and bring us right back to a place of peace.   The green, the gray, the fog, the sounds.  The togetherness.  It's the perfect tonic. 
by mlekoshi