Each day we are getting closer to spring.  March is when I really start to pine for a clear shift toward brightness.   I long to see things in different light, in different colors, with fresh textures.  I want my hands in the dirt.  I want to walk out barefoot onto the the patio and feel the sun warm my arms as I hang clothes on the line.  I can't wait until it's warm enough to dry clothes on the line.  I want to walk through the woods and hear the creatures that only sing in spring and summer, to slowly paddle around a lake with my boys, to have dinner around the fire pit, to have the windows open all the time.  It seems so far away right now.

We're forcing spring the only way we can around here by doing a household purge, a spring cleaning of sorts.  We do this throughout the year but seem to always find more we can do without.  We filled several bags yesterday with clothing, toys, and kitchen items for donation.  It always feels so good to lighten up and pass things on.  The less stuff we have, the more free we feel.   

In lieu of a Listen entry, I share with you Watch and Read.


What have you enjoyed watching lately?

Read:  Parenting Without Borders.  I picked this up from the "grab 'n go" shelf at the library on my way out, and I loved it.  Learning how parents in other countries raise their children really made me think and has me reevaluating my approach to some things.  Inspiring.

I hope spring is starting to show where you are.  Happy March!
by mlekoshi