A cold and sometimes drizzly weekend did bring us some nice moments outside.  It was the second weekend of Salem Saturday Market being open for the season and we got some beautiful chard, spinach, and collards from Pitchfork & Crow.  The spinach (Bordeaux?) is unlike any I've had before, so good.  Sweet almost.  I stood over the sink and ate right out of the bag what I meant to be wrapping up for the fridge.  These gorgeous organic greens taste so very different than what I get at the grocery store.  Magnified.  Intensified.  Supernatural.  

We also went for a walk at Minto Brown Island Park.  It's looking and smelling like spring there now.  Always collecting on our walks, I found a piece of tree branch with a hollowed out section and made a bouquet of spring weeds, flowers, and things dropped from trees I found along the trail.  The boys had a moment of calm by the river but sword fought (with sticks) most of the time.   

It feels like spring is finally here, and summer won't be far behind.  Ready.

{Side note:  I've been thinking of retiring o notes.  I lack the skills to make it look how I want and feel like it's not really going anywhere.  I may try a new space with another host.  But I will let you know..... }
by mlekoshi